Satan has been fighting against man for about six thousand years. He is an
expert on warfare and especially spiritual warfare. He has a number of
advantages over us:
NUMBER ONE – Satan knows mankind and what tricks will work against
man. He has observed human behavior for centuries since our creation and
knows how to attack us successfully.
NUMBER TWO – He knows God much better than any Christian in this
world could ever know Him. He is not in fellowship with God, of course, but
he lived with God and observed the Triune Godhead for thousands of years.
Satan was in the presence of God all this time. Thus, he knows God very well!
NUMBER THREE – Satan and his allies know the Bible, one of our main
weapons, very well. Many times during deliverance ministry, demons have
quoted the Bible to me and they quoted it verbatim.
NUMBER FOUR – Those in the Dark Kingdom know how to organize and
carry out their spiritual schemes against us. Let me assure you, they are
experts on spiritual warfare. In contrast, we in the Church have been ignorant
concerning their activities and how they operate. Because of this ignorance
about the Dark Kingdom, our ability to wage successful spiritual warfare has
been limited. Our ignorance has been bliss for Satan.
NUMBER FIVE – The Church has not effectively understood nor utilized the
weapons at her disposal to fight a successful warfare. This is especially true
concerning prayer and the Word. We have not properly understood how to use
the Word, nor have we understood that there are at least twelve different kinds
of prayer in the Bible, each with a different purpose. Concerning the Word,
consider the following scripture:
“And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the
Spirit, which is the word of God:”  Ephesians 6:17
It has not been understood in the Church and must be pointed out here that the
Greek word in this verse is rhema, meaning the spoken word. It is the Word
of God (rhema theos) coming out of our mouths in contrast to the logos
(written word, the Bible). Often you have heard ministers or Christians hold
up their Bibles and proclaim that it is their sword. This is not true. That is an
unscriptural statement. Whenever I hold up my Bible and ask if
this is the sword, invariably they will say yes and argue with me when I say it
is not. This has been so ingrained in us that we have failed to understand the
significance and power of the rhema.
No, the Bible sitting on your coffee table at home is not your sword. That is
just where the devil would like for it to stay too! The idea in Ephesians 6:17 is
that the Word of God, the rhema, is used both offensively and to defend
against the thrusts of the enemy. This Word will cut through the air like a
fencer’s foil aimed straight at the heart of Satan. But it must be emphasized
that this is the spoken word and not the written word, the Bible. This is why
the devil fights you so much when you attempt to study, memorize and
meditate upon the Logos word. The Word will have no power against him as
long as you cannot speak it out of your mouth. You must take the Logos and
make it a rhema of your confession against the Dark Kingdom. It’s not your
Bible which the devil fears; he already knows it word for word. He uses it
against us the same way he did against Jesus and like he did Job when he
appears before God as the accuser of the brethren.
It is the Bible coming out of your mouth mixed with faith to activate the Word
which the devil and his allies fear. It is a tremendous force against the Dark
Kingdom! Hence, these spirits will fight vehemently to prevent you from
reading, meditating, memorizing, quoting, and appropriating the Logos Word
to your life so that it becomes a rhema Word against the enemy

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