Most people are guilty of this SIN ~ Including myself.

*GRIEF is rooted in Self-Centeredness. When a loved one dies, we tearfully ask ourselves, “How can I go on without them?” Giving in to strong emotions, we focus on the DEATH and LOSS crying. “I won’t ever see him alive on Earth again!” We then convince OURSELVES our mourning is for the dead, when in reality it’s for ourselves.

Unless the deceased love one was LOST and on his way to HELL, there is much to CELEBRATE. Your LOVED ONE now stands in the presence of JESUS receiving his eternal REWARD!!!! 🙂 Can you imagine the atmosphere of a believer’s funeral if we weren’t so self-centered? Instead of CRISIS, what an exciting time of THANKSGIVING, praise and rejoicing it would be!!!!!

Truly, your GRIEF comes because of selfishness. Pain and loss seems more real to you than the truth of your loved one’s happiness and peace in heaven. Stop and ask yourself, What am I really grieving for? Is this sorrow for him or for me? An HONEST answer will reveal the selfishness in your heart. Whether you find yourself at a funeral or just in the middle of everyday life, SELF-CENTEREDNESS can turn ANYTHING INTO A CRISIS.

Most of your crisis situations are only a “crisis” to you. While you gripe about the provisions not being manifested yet for your “needs”, the people around you wonder, What’s the big deal? The big deal is that self-centeredness has magnified your molehill into a mountain.

Your perspective would change if you reached beyond yourself and your own crisis to help someone else in a more difficult place. Your problem would shrink so fast, as you pitched in and assisted someone who’s been devastated financially, emotionally, spiritually, or physically. It will dawn on you that you are really not as bad off like you thought. I call that a aha moment when you realize that.

Self-centered people are easily offended. They find ways to get upset over the simplest and silliest things!! Then they proceed down that well-traveled road to depression, discouragement, and defeat. The three DDD’s. Why you ask? They’re are totally consumed with self. You will also see that in there constant selfie posts. Every post is there picture. I’m sure you met people like this that fits the bill that I just described.

ANGRY PEOPLE are self-centered.

ANGER also manifests inwardly through self pity, depressions, and emotional wounds. Whenever hurt, your FLESH wants to magnify the PAIN and focus on SELF.

MOST PARENTS have a tough time addressing their children’s self-centeredness, because they have never really dealt with their own. In the heat of the moment, not correcting Junior often seems easier on Mom or Dad’s FLESH. Do you know what most self-centered parents do when there kids want something there way? They give into the child because of their own selfishness. Your really teaching your child that he will get anything he wants if he throws a tantrum.

You need to recognize your anger for what it is – self-centeredness in ACTION.


FEAR can only affect YOU when you’re thinking about YOURSELF!!!! This is self-centeredness.

My heart breaks to see so many SPIRIT-FILLED believers acting just as selfishly as the WORLD. GOD is no venting machine – He’s Lord and KING! You can’t just insert a coin, push the button, and take out whatever you want, whenever you want it. Prosperity wasn’t provided for you to consume it upon your own lusts.

(Drugs/alcohol) Don’t trample the healing blood of Jesus by running back to the same old vice that destroyed you before. That’s immature and self-centeredness.

FAITH is to believe for other people’s needs to be met through you. It was never intended to be used primarily for SELF!! If you concentrate on blessing others, you’ll be blessed in the process. The question is – where is your FOCUS AT? Is it GOD or yourself?

This is just a few pearls of wisdom I wanted to share with my brothers and sisters. God Bless you ~ bella

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